The Cyberdome

Kerala Police Cyberdome is the technological research and development centre of Kerala Police department. It brings together Government departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, Industry, academia, International Organisations and experts from public domain for collaborating on cyber security to enhance the capabilities of the State in dealing with cyber threats as well as to provide security to the digital assets of the State.

Kerala Police Drone Forensic Lab & Research Centre

With all technological paradigms, utilities can be misused, and this is an increasing occurrence with drones. It is imperative to develop novel methodological approaches for the digital forensic analysis of a seized drone, to build police specific solutions and counter mechanisms to fight the future threats posed by drones. In this backdrop, the Kerala Police came out with the Kerala Police Drone Forensics lab and research centre.

Major Divisions

1. Drone Forensics

Accredited forensic examination lab for recovery of digital evidence from drones.

2. Research on Anti Drone System

Activities include development of counter drone system and drone forensics to effectively prevent possible drone threats in the future.

3. Design and Development of UAV

To build an appropriate mathematical model and develop a complete control architecture which will allow the drones for accurate observation and scouting missions for Police.

4. Development of AI Based Drones

R&D on AI based drones to get real-time data for Improving the ability to make well-informed decisions for future policing

5. Training

Conduct regular training to Police personnel to equip them with the latest trends in drone technology

6. Research & Development

Collaboration with high grade academic institutions, Companies, Drone Associations, Startups for Research & Development to build police specific solutions and counter mechanisms to fight the future threats posed by drones.


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Kerala Police Cyberdome
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