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Drones come very handy for policing in various avenues including Areal Patrolling, Surveillance and Emergency Relief/Support. At the same time, drones are used by anti-national/criminal entities for activities including spying of sensitive government establishments with audio/video recording, sabotage planning on critical establishments and trafficking of illegal goods such as drugs and weapons. This hackathon aims to provide opportunities for socially committed and technically competent organizations, academia and individuals to join hands with Kerala Police Cyberdome in strengthening the drone capabilities of our force. Let us join hands in innovating solutions to address the opportunities and challenges in this space!

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Drone'KP aims to provide a co-operative and competitive platform for the organisations, academia and technology enthusiasts to come together to improve operational effectiveness of policing by leveraging drone-enabled technologies and to devise mechanisms to counter the emerging threats posed by drones. The event will be a perfect launch pad for drone-geeks, inspiring students, startups and budding entrepreneurs to create leading-edge solutions in the following sectors:

Surveillance Drone

Challenge is to design and develop the best surveillance drone that can improve the surveillance capabilities of Kerala Police.

Heavy lift drone

Challenge is to design and develop heavy lift drones that can be used to provide emergency relief goods to disaster affected victims like flood.

Drone forensic solutions

Challenge is to develop Drone forensic solutions related to recovery of digital evidence or data from a drone under forensically sound conditions.

Nano Drone

Challenge is to design and develop a properly functioning, smallest and lightest drone

Endurance Drone

Challenge is to develop a drone with the highest possible flight time in all weather conditions.

Anti drone systems

Challenge is to develop a prototype of Counter drone systems that can detect and or intercept unwanted drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The system may identify drone threats instantly and may have the capabilities to both detect and destroy drones in the air.


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Drone technology is changing rapidly and over the next few years, the capability and utilities of drones are expected to undergo a paradigm shift and also an exponential increase. While the advantages of drones are manifold, they can also be misused which will be a growing concern for the LEAs around the world. To effectively counter this rapidly changing threat landscape, Kerala Police is once again reaching out to the technological community - ... to partner us and devise innovative solutions to tackle the current and future threats posed by the advent of the drone technology. Register with "Drone'KP" and be a part of this unique and innovative Mission.

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DGP & State Police Chief, Kerala

Anil Kant IPS


Kerala Police has always been in the forefront of implementing latest & innovative technologies for better delivery of services to its citizens and in adopting the power of technology for better policing. In keeping up with the latest technological trends, Kerala Police is foraying into the realm of the drones - which simultaneously opens up a plethora of opportunities for better service delivery and equally poise a serious threat to the National Security ... if not adequately regulated. In this backdrop, Kerala Police is coming forth again with an exclusive hackathon "drone'KP" - for identifying innovative solutions and suitable workforce in drone technology, with the theme "Eagle eyed Policing". Join us and be a part of this novel effort - to open up and secure our skies & to provide better and effective service delivery to our citizens.

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ADGP, Kerala Police

Manoj Abraham IPS

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