Frequently Asked Questions

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The Hackathon is best described as a "marathon of innovation." Anyone interested in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build, and share their creations. You don't have to be a programmer, and you certainly don't have to be a major in computer science. The Hackathon's primary objective is to inspire innovation and create solutions out of the box. It's a perfect place to collaborate with new people, come up with creative, ground-breaking ideas, and learn emerging technologies.

Anyone interested in working on the challenge of drone technology or design or development of drones is welcome to apply. No matter if you're a geek, a student, Producers Drone services, Application Developers, Technology-startups or a budding entrepreneur or none of the above, if you want to take part in one of our Drone'KP activities. The Hackathon is open to those involved in technology and creativity and who have an innovative concept or other ideas to build within the framework of the current challenges of Drone Technology.

Don't wait a minute to apply. We are looking for a really heterogeneous squad. All have a fair chance of being accepted! Hackathon registration is open to individuals aged 18 years or older.

No, absolutely not! Registration is free. However, the component cost needs to be arranged by the participants.

Yes. A team of maximum 5 members are allowed.

Visit https://drone.cyberdome.kerala.gov.in and submit your nomination.

The judging panel includes experts from drone technology domain relevant to the competition categories.

The jury review and judge the solutions based on the following parameters:

  • Innovation
  • Commercial suitability
  • Fully compliant safety
  • Regulatory standards-based design
  • User friendly design
  • Aesthetics
  • Platform and payload interchangeability
  • Automated safety modes
  • Enhanced intelligent piloting models
  • Full autonomy
  • Full airspace awareness


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